Summer Course

The host universities together with exclusive professors in US universities designed the standard North American summer courses which cover the Economic, Business, Social Science, Humanity and Non-western areas. The course subjects are not only the regular planned curriculum in the host university, but also correspond to the courses in the overseas campus. All the courses meet the transfer credit requirement of North American universities. Each course is equal to 4 credits in North American semester system. The whole summer session lasts for 5 weeks. All the other courses are taught in English apart from foreign language courses. The total contact hour for each course is 60hours (50 minutes count a contact hour, the calculation is based on universities in North America method). The cooperated universities will solely responsiblefor supervising the course setting, teaching affair, grading, giving transcript and etc process to ensure the credits would recognized by the universities in North American. The summer sessions establish Teaching Quality Evaluation Committee, which consist of teachers in correlate department of the host university and the course professors in our program, to ensure scientific and rigorous in the teaching process. ONPS, as the cooperated partner, will be responsible for marketing, promotion and student enrollment.

Students could not choose courses in the same time period. There’s a minimum and maximum in student number for each course. Once reached the maximum student number, the system will close the authority to choose that course. If student still want to choose that course, he or she will need to submit an application to wait. Once the other student canceled the course, students on the waiting list could be added to the course. The summer school could also setup special courses based on the students’ requirement, these credit courses when eventually transfer to the optional course credit after admitting by the American university.

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