1. Register ONPS student account at campus pages, you’ll get a notice in your registered email after the process has been succeed.
2. Log in your account and fill in the online application form which include personal information, campus and course carefully, submit it after you confirm your information.
3. After submitting the application form, students need to pay $50 USD application fees (students can also choose number of the courses they want to take and pay in full), when the payment completed, please log in your account, go to the financial center, fill in the payment information then submit it.
4. When ONPS receive the application fees, the relevant staff will evaluate students’ materials. The accepted student will get a letter of acceptance; courses then will be kept for 30 days. When student complete the process of pre-signing up the course, they need to purchase fees of the course within 30 days. Only after purchasing all the fees of the selected course can it be kept in permanent.
Tips:Please download the relevant syllabus and evaluate the course at your own university before you apply the courses, to make sure the credit are transferable. If the summer school need to be clarify in the evaluation process, please indicate that you are applying xx University international summer school, for example: Qingdao University international summer school and etc. Please do not mention ONPS international summer school, ONPS only responsible for the course promotion and students activities services. The academic stuff and transcripts are managed by host university