Platform Mission

Goal of the Platform

ONPS strives to integrate world-class educational resources to enable each student to achieve global self-awareness and have a promising future with the multi-dimensional educational model.

Vibrant Special Projects

  • Business Projects: Visit to famous enterprises and access to speeches by business elites
  • Cultural Exploring: Cultural exploring tours and cultural exchange seminar
  • Relational Development: Alumni Contacts and Venture Contest

Complete Service System

  • Accommodation Environment: economical and comfortable accommodation
  • Free Insurance: No less than a 100,000 CNY personal accident insurance for each student
  • Emergency Service: Dial emergency service number at any time,we will provide you with our best services
  • Free Express Delivery: Deliver your official transcript without extra charge
  • Multiple Pick-up Service: Time-fixed buses and flexible cars for emergency

Convenient Information Checking System

  • Recommendation System: You can share your “Recommendation code” to get double privileges.
  • Enquiry on Results System: If there is any question about the final grades, students can fill an application form of enquiry on results to ensure the academic justice to the largest extent.
  • Transcript Checking System:You can log in your own account to track the delivery of your transcripts..

Activity Information Sharing in the Same City

Any idea about where to have fun while taking our summer school?
Please check our website regularly to find out some news about exciting activities in the same city and enjoy your unforgettable summer time with your new friends and old friends.