About ONPS 2015-12-29

ONPS international summer school platform (Referred as ONPS) was founded in 2010, and it is a pioneer program in Beijing Simpway Education Technology Co., Ltd, which focus on the development and promotion of international education curriculum system.The platform mainly serves the excellent student groups at home and abroad, and establishes a new education model of "One-to-Many conversion" credits by cooperating with high-quality universities to establish the standard North American summer program.  "Highly precise teaching, whole-hearted service" as the core values of ONPS, "To build global education development platform" as the vision, relying on the professionalism that we effort to do well in every cooperative project, positive innovation, gradually formed own education brand.We hope to build the academic cooperation and exchange projects with more Chinese and foreign colleges and universities which have initiative consciousness and advanced ideas, for elite students in the world, well-known professors at home and abroad and top 500 enterprises in the world to build a high-end, high efficiency, high energy international education and exchange platform, we welcome friends from all over the world to share their knowledge, ideas and cultures with us.

During these seven years of development, ONPS has cooperated with 9 universities at home and abroad such as Qingdao university, Minzu University of China and Chengdu Electronic Science and Technology University to establish international summer school programs, we invite  world-renowned professors from top universities in North America, like Harvard University, Yale University, University of Cambridge, Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and etc and professors from renowned universities in China to teach courses. ONPS offers courses in the field of Economics, Business, Social Sciences, Humanities, Non-Western, and also non-credited and writing courses. Over 376 universities in North America have recognized the credits earned at ONPS. Since 2011, about six thousand students from China, U.S., Canada, Germany, Thailand, Korea, Hongkong and Taiwan have participated in ONPS program and have had their credits transferred successfully to their home universities.

In addition, ONPS has prepared a variety of extracurricular activities, such as career planning、 cultural dissertation 、rock、 hip-hop dance, horse riding and sailing, etc. for our students to have a wonderful and productive summer.

The ONPS Career Program is designed to give our students more business experience, especially for participants who possess a global vision and have a gift for leadership. The program was created for skill trainings, career development courses, and business plan competitions.

The ONPS Cultural Program offers cultural trips, cultural lectures, which could give professors and students a better understanding of Chinese culture. In ONPS, students will also have ice-breaking parties, beach BBQs and graduation proms where they can get to know more about each other and professors.