WES verification

WES Verification

Step1: Enter the website: http://www.wes.org/application/apply_now.asp , and look over all WES certification requirements of residential country. After choosing China, the system will automatically skip to the page of applying for materials. Then the page will show that Mainland China applies for WES evaluation and the materials must be sent off directly from CDGDC. So, after finishing WES application process, you must apply for CDGDC identifying immediately and choose Sent to WES.

Step2: log on the website: http://www.wes.org/application/apply_now.asp. Then, as shown in the picture, click “Apply”, for example, if you choose US country, you can click directly “Apply Now”; if you choose Canada, you can click “WES Canada Website” and enter the main site of Canada to apply.

Step3: As shown in the following picture, after perfecting your personal information, you can click “Create an Account” to create an account. 

Step4: After creating an account, you can enter the application process. On the page of personal information, you can fill in your personal information including the delivery information firstly. After filling, you can click “Continue” to enter the next page. 

Step5: Entering this page, you can fill in the basic information that needs to be evaluated. You can fill in it according to your physical truth while referring to the information in following picture. After filling, you can click “Continue” to enter the next page.

Step6: Choosing a specific form of evaluating in this page. As for applying for university or transferring credits, you can choose the option of $160. If you have any other questions, you can ask the Advisor of your applying university to confirm. After that, you can click “Continue” to enter the next page. 

Step7: Entering this page, you can select the method of delivery according to the following picture and your physical truth, and then you can click “Continue” to enter the next page. 

Step8: Select payment method in this page and click “Continue” to enter the next page.

Step9: Entering this page, you can fill in the specific payment information (Attention: Mainland China requires payment from dual-currency credit cards). After checking, click “Submit the Payment”. Then you have finished WES Credential Evaluation.